This is a cool online baby gender predictor you can use to see our forecast about the sex of your baby.

This is a very old method for predicting the gender of the coming baby, developed by Chinese many years ago. It’s so old, that there many myths about it. This Chinese gender predicting chart was found in a tomb of a Chinese king and it’s estimated to be more than 700 years old. Although, there are no scientific evidence about the accuracy of this chart, this is something used for centuries. Some people say that this chart can predict the gender of your baby with accuracy as high as 90%. This is a pretty sure,by the way. However, we don’t believe that anyone but God himself can make such an accurate prediction.

However, everybody has the right to believe in what she wants, so you will lose nothing if you try the chart. One thing you should consider is that you need to use it with the Chinese lunar calendar, because the following chart is created according to it. So, all dates you consider have to be according to this calendar. This means that you need to use your lunar age and your lunar date of conception.

The Old Chinese Gender Chart

Chinese gender prediction chart

Chinese gender prediction chart

It’s usage is very simple:
1. Calculate your lunar age.
2. Calculate your lunar date of inception. If you don’t know it, you can use our conception date calculator to see your suggested conception date and then convert this date to a lunar one.
3. Just cross your month of conception with your age and if the rectangle is red – this means a girl, if it’s white – this means a boy.

Based on this chart, we have a Chinese gender predictor that makes all of the calculations for you. It is also based on the Chinese lunar calendar, but makes a slightly different and more contemporary calculation. However, it is not scientifically proven, too. Science says that the chances for a buy and a girl are simply equal. This means that no online tool or a chart can accurately predict your baby’s gender. If you are interested in how this is scientifically back up, see how the gender is actually determined in humans HERE. This actually works for all other animal kinds, not just humans…

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