This is a cool online baby gender predictor you can use to see our forecast about the sex of your baby.

Are you going to have a little baby? That’s really cool experience for sure. It’s the greatest thing in the world and it’s normal to qurious about any single detail around your pregnancy. One of the most desired things to know about your baby has been its gender. Are you curious about your baby’s gender? Probably yes… If so, here is a way to see a Chinese prediction about this. You can use this Chinese gender predictor, which uses the Chinese lunar calendar to tell you is you are going to have a boy or a girl. There are no scientific proofs that this tool is 100% reliable, but according to some experiments, it has accuracy of over 90%. So just give it a try and then you can say how it worked for you. You can even test it with your already born kids, if you remember your age and the exact month they were conceived. It’s would be cool to share some feedback as a comment below.

The Chinese Gender Predictor Calculator

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How To Use It

This is a really simple tool. To see the its forecast, you have to simply input your age of conception and the month, when actually this happened. If you are wondering about your month of conception, you can try to resolve it by using our conception date calculator. It will not only show you the month, but it will try to predict the exact date based on your last ovulation. The tool provides pretty accurate result as far as you input is correct. It will also calculate some additional information like your due date and your fetal age (gestational age). Just enter your last menstrual period correctly and the calculator will do all the job.

If you don’t see any results, probably there is a problem with this page. You can use the contact form, if you have any troubles, or just want to ask us something. We hope this gender predictor would be of use for you.

However, this Chinese tool is a little bit mystical… If you need to know the scientific explanation about how your baby’s gender is determined, you can check out our post on the matter here: how is gender determined . In brief, it’s already decided if your baby would be a boy or a girl since the moment of conception, day 0 of your pregnancy. Since then, the gender is 100% determined. After that, only your child could decide what she/he would want to be 😉 …

About the Chinese gender calendar

This calculator here is made according to an ancient Chinese gender calendar (click to see it) that was found in an ancient tomb of a Chinese monarch. The calendar is more than 700 years old and many people believe that its accuracy can reach up to 90%.

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