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This is a cool online baby gender predictor, which you can use to see our forecast about the sex of your baby.

The date of conception is one of the most important, if not the most important, dates in your pregnancy. Everything else like due date, fetal age and other important things are calculated based on this date. This is why it’s very important to know when a pregnancy actually starts. This tool can help you very much in this, it can calculate for you the exact conception date based on your last menstrual period and average length of cycles. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly one of these, the conception date is not always very exactly determined. And this is no problem, because a variation of 2-3 days is not a big deal and in fact does not matter much. Enough words said, below is the calculator you can use. If you need to dig more about conception date, you can check this site: .Please have a look at the instructions below to see some basic usage guidelines.

Conceprion/Due Dates

Last Menstrual Period:        
                              (MM/DD/YYYY format)

Average Length of Cycles:      (22 to 45)
                              (defaults to 28)

Average Luteal Phase Length:   (9 to 16)
                              (defaults to 14)

Estimated Conception/Ovulation: Estimated Due Date: Estimated Fetal Age:

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Some Instructions

You have to type the following data to see your conception date, due date and the fetal age of your baby:
– the date of your last menstruation.
– your cycles’ average length. If you are not very sure about that, please leave this blank and use the default value of 28 days.
– the duration of your luteal phase in days – this is the time between your ovulation and when your period starts. Usually it is from 14 to 16 days long. Leave this blank, if you don’t know what to write.
– this is it, press the button.

If you would like to see our prediction about the gender of your baby, you can use our gender predictor calculator. You can also try our ovulation calculator.

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